Council Strategic Plan Input

Wed, March 4  7:00 - 8:30pm  Smithville UMC

A steering committee with representatives from each district has been appointed by the Capitol Area Council to identify CAC's strategic goals and objectives for the future of Scouting in the Central Texas region.

Colorado River's representative on the steering committee, Scott Mackay, will host the "Feedback on the Future of Scouting" meeting for all registered Scouters in Colorado River district at the following time/location:

United Methodist Church
400 Olive St., Smithville
Education Building

Questions for which we would like your input/feedback at that meeting:
1. What would success look like for your unit and district in 2020?
2. What kinds of goals would you set to meet that vision for success?
3. What kinds of changes are needed to achieve those goals?
4. What is needed to increase Scouting's 'market share' in your district?

To help us plan and make the most of your time, please RSVP of your attendance plans HERE.

Your feedback is important in helping us identify the goals and strategies needed to make the Scouting program as strong as it can be.  If you are unable to attend this meeting in person, I encourage you to post your suggestions online HERE.
Thanks for your commitment to the Scouting program!
-- Barry Bales, CAC Strategic Planning Chair